Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hammer Lane

I attempted to finish up the last two termi's when I took a break from squads this week and randomly went off painting models. The sanguinary guard are going to take me a while, lot of detail work that I want to look nice. Somehow an ork landed on the table( I do love jump-packs) and I finally started the death company at the end of it all. As usual most of its all a work in progress.

I have never done well with power swords with lightning effects, so i tested these out and they look OK from a distance. Will keep trying since I think they will get better as I go.

Threw a severed head on the base of the sanguinary priest until I think of something better.

Started the freight-shaker for the death company, going to try a rhino. I may add some more "chicken lights" to it and spice it up.

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