Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to it

Here is a petition to GW that's been started.

or an address if you want to send a letter the old fashioned way.
Games Workshop
Willow Road

The past few months I have been picking up sabol foam and a couple cases, trying to fit six armies all in foam at once. I tried some battlefoam, and I cant say I like the foam all that much, or the price. Seems too rough, but they cant be beat for the custom fit.

I have been trying to make more hobby time, and seem to get less the more I try. So I am just trying to small things done at the table when I can. I am still slowly working away on some more death company and chaplain but its been chore. I did break out some other models to hopefully spark my interest. I know I am not very motivated to do anything with a GW model at the moment.

I decided on the basic color for the wargame factory models, probably a traitor guard force when its all done. Picked up the newest battletech boxed set, looking forward to this game since its been so long. I still have an old version called Battledroids off this game. Picked up a couple more Malifaux and decided I need to finish the first model I started.

I did pick up a few of the new greyknight models in the last few months, I think my old ones will do fine but the new ones are pretty nice. Turned a dread missile launcher into autocannons, and magnetized the dreadknight. I wanted him to fit in some foam without taking up the entire tray. I threw magnets on a few spots and made the weapons interchangable. Green stuffed some fingers in order to use all the weapons since the set lacked enough.

Hopefully I find more time, and actually finish some models soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enough is enough

Really, another price increase? I won't be buying anything for some time, not that I can't afford it. I just think enough is enough with Games Workshop, and not just the price increases. I think everyone should email or call GW and let them know how you feel, I doubt they care but who knows with enough people.

I do have a large stock pile of unfinished work to do so I can at least keep myself immersed in the hobby and blogging for some time.