Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Assembly required

So it's been less painting and more fun with glue this month. I put aside the death company to assemble some troops. I think I am still dulled to death of painting black after all those red scorpions, so much I even started painting them more grey then black. As I assembled, I finished off purchasing more then enough for a 2k army. Decided to pick up some special characters, a baal predator, five more termi's, and make a furioso dreadnought.

I magnetized all the jump packs, the second sanguinary guard/honor guard, the dread arms, the termi close combat arms, and completely magnetized the baal predator for all options.

So after looking at my crippled Dante, and the new one GW sent me, I decided his axe was rather dull. So I took a doubled bladed axe from the sanguinary guard and it fit in a more epic fashion.

Figured if my opponent is going to run some special characters, I may as well throw some in.

So looks like I have half of next years painting ready to go. I hope to have an entire jump troop army ready sometime next year.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hammer Lane

I attempted to finish up the last two termi's when I took a break from squads this week and randomly went off painting models. The sanguinary guard are going to take me a while, lot of detail work that I want to look nice. Somehow an ork landed on the table( I do love jump-packs) and I finally started the death company at the end of it all. As usual most of its all a work in progress.

I have never done well with power swords with lightning effects, so i tested these out and they look OK from a distance. Will keep trying since I think they will get better as I go.

Threw a severed head on the base of the sanguinary priest until I think of something better.

Started the freight-shaker for the death company, going to try a rhino. I may add some more "chicken lights" to it and spice it up.