Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Assembly required

So it's been less painting and more fun with glue this month. I put aside the death company to assemble some troops. I think I am still dulled to death of painting black after all those red scorpions, so much I even started painting them more grey then black. As I assembled, I finished off purchasing more then enough for a 2k army. Decided to pick up some special characters, a baal predator, five more termi's, and make a furioso dreadnought.

I magnetized all the jump packs, the second sanguinary guard/honor guard, the dread arms, the termi close combat arms, and completely magnetized the baal predator for all options.

So after looking at my crippled Dante, and the new one GW sent me, I decided his axe was rather dull. So I took a doubled bladed axe from the sanguinary guard and it fit in a more epic fashion.

Figured if my opponent is going to run some special characters, I may as well throw some in.

So looks like I have half of next years painting ready to go. I hope to have an entire jump troop army ready sometime next year.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hammer Lane

I attempted to finish up the last two termi's when I took a break from squads this week and randomly went off painting models. The sanguinary guard are going to take me a while, lot of detail work that I want to look nice. Somehow an ork landed on the table( I do love jump-packs) and I finally started the death company at the end of it all. As usual most of its all a work in progress.

I have never done well with power swords with lightning effects, so i tested these out and they look OK from a distance. Will keep trying since I think they will get better as I go.

Threw a severed head on the base of the sanguinary priest until I think of something better.

Started the freight-shaker for the death company, going to try a rhino. I may add some more "chicken lights" to it and spice it up.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Blood

"Assault marines ditch an immobile razorback for a last minute objective"

So today was our first battle of Blood Angels vs. Space Wolves, with many more to follow. We ran 1500 points, with the SW using my Red Scorpions. I wont go into a detailed battle report, I'll just give some highlights.

Our forces were very similar:
He ran Njal with wolf guard in termi armor, ven dread in a drop pod, 2 grey hunter packs in rhinos, long fangs, vindicator, and some wolf scouts.

I had a librarian with termi's and a sanguinary priest, dread in a drop pod, 2 assault squads in razorbacks with priests, devastator squad, and vanguard veterans with jump packs.

We fought corner to corner, each defending our objectives. With the blood Angels winning first turn, I was hoping to do well. Yet, with my usual dice rolling, It was less then stellar.
My termi's and vanguard remained in reserve, for the ENTIRE game. Even with decent of angels I still managed to roll nothing but a 1 for my vet's. Not sure how much it would have helped to show up sooner. I had better results from my razorbacks with the lascannons over the assault. The drop pod dread with a melta was another fail, but was a game winner by blocking his entire force. This caused his force to have to take a longer way around, allowing my force a few rounds of shooting.

Njal is a beast, he removed the librarian with ease. I only managed to kill him off when he was separated from his unit and could single him out with enough shots. I think once my opponent starts to build a bigger and better force, better use of initial deployment, good target priority, and a better grasp of the rules I will be struggling against these wolves. He did have the worst table corner, and his long fangs and force really had its work cut out for them.

Model and Paint update:
I did a lot of assembling the last week and a half, and a little painting. I quickly finished the devastator squad, started the sanguinary guard, and rolled through some Black reach terminators quickly.

I used the sergeant model for the Sanguinary Priest, I ended up trying all sorts of bits from an ork rokkit to finally half a melta grenade as a cup.

Put together a rhino for my death company , and looking forward to starting the accompanying unit soon, I still think the Vanguard are the way to go. I also assembled another 15 assault marines with magnet jump packs, let's hope I don't tire of red any time soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gearing up

It's been a busy week, trying to catch up on reading other blogs, and doing my own hobby time. I struggled through the third squad, and I am feeling refreshed and ready to finish off the rest of my 1k force. Pretty much a devastator squad, and an HQ unit of some sort, as you can guess I am not one to really have a concrete list. I love to change it up and try different units, why I am such a magnet junky I suppose.
I really am not aiming for that killer list for my 1k level. I plan on playing it against a new Space Wolf player so I don't really want to ruin his day. Still it's a pretty solid list, I'm not sold on the power weapons on the priests just yet.
I still need to paint up squad logo's and markings, I dont know if I am a fan of those yellow helmets either.

Its the 2k level I am looking forward to, a larger jump pack unit, some death company or veteran units, and some rather expensive sanguine guard. These models are amazing, I plan on picking up another box just for the bits alone. I magnetized the heads, and the extra heads to use for veterans.

Everything else is purchased and slowly being built in between painting.
I did rummage through my old bits and found some old school blood angels, the captain, a dreadnought, an old metal squad, and the old smaller terminators. I amaze myself what I have hidden away, still wish I could find those old school orks.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Low gear again

Seems like my hobby time is getting slim these days but I still seem to be making progress. May have to do with the time of year, works busy, more then usual drama around the house, and one of my days off is taken up with a new gaming group. I will be running a Dark Heresy game with them soon, so that should be fun. Breaking them in with some call of cthulhu games has been like old times, still hard for me to get back into the rpg thing. If anything can make it interesting for me it will be the 40k fluff.

I have been slowly gluing and magnetizing the death company models in between stages. I still haven't planned out my 2k list, but I am sure I will run them as veterans of some sort.

I started working on the third squad with a razorback, hopefully I can get through them by the end of next week.

I still want to do some more detail work on the first 2 squads razorbacks, and any other touch ups on the squads.

Once I get the 1k army up to tabletop quality I hope to go back and improve the work. I keep telling myself I need to paint an army that's of better quality. If I could put as much time into the entire force as the HQ units, I don't think I would get anywhere.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Eternal Warriors, new podcast on the way.

Well not really new, the guys over at Dice Like Thunder have moved on, now they are The Eternal Warriors. Just wanted to post and get the word out, even if its only a couple views. These guys had a great run, and put in a lot of hard work and I hope they continue with much success.

Links on the top right of my blog.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still not tired of red.

So I started the second squad, and had to build the razorback from scratch this time. I decided to share this one with chaos and my red scorpions with a rhino hatch. If I use chaos in smaller points, my berserkers are going to need a smaller vehicle. I managed to magnetize the symbol on the front, so I can switch out the BA symbol with a chaos or Scorpions. I'll get some pics of this on a later date.
The assault cannons are borrowed from a very old Inquisitor land raider I made, the cannons are actually old metal eldar.

As for the squad I took another metal veteran and magnetized the arm, all the backpacks, and the special weapon. Explains why a backpack is off below, also the entire Priest is magnetized from the metal arm, back, and head.

I also started the third squad sergeant, with another magnet arm. I have done a lot more magnet work then I thought I would. I still have 2 boxes of death company models I haven't worked on yet. I may use them as veterans, either type with enough magnets since the death company look so expensive. Still, I like the idea behind the company I may use them in a large force. I still have a few units to go for my 1k mark, I may try a vindicator with the magnet symbols so i can switch it out in different armies.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Falling into red

It's been a nice change of pace painting red, I'm sure in another month I will be sick of it. Almost finished with the first assault squad and their razorback, just need to finish the bases and details on the razorback.
Also Did a lot of assembly work and magnetizing, still trying to save a buck and match colors with my Red Scorpions. It worked on the razorback, and some arms painted in neutral back and red.
Two more squads and razorbacks to go, then a devastator squad. I still need to pick an HQ unit, maybe if I can find/make a librarian in power armor I like.

There goes another month my poor guard are neglected.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slow week

Finally got my order from the Wargames Factory, and I have to admit I am impressed with their work for the price. its obvious to see how some of the kits have improved over time. The zombies are lacking detail, some of the vikings are great and some pieces still seem off. The shocktroops aren't bad, I would definitely use them if I was starting a guard army on the cheap side.
Threw a dusty guardsmen up to see how they compare.

Here's about 109 bucks worth of Wargames Factory plastic, I may have to stack up some GW sprues next week and compare.

Last Saturday I had a fun game with a newbie friend at a store on the west side, whenever I play at a local shop I feel compelled to make a purchase and support the store. So why not start army number seven with some Blood Angels? I intend to use a lot of old school models I have laying around to finish this force off. Going to do minimal magnet work, mostly on the backpacks and jump packs.

Almost done with the first test model, had some issues getting a red scheme I liked. Still poking along on the ogryn, and did some base colors on the scout bikers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Staring out the Windshield.

Another lazy week, but I did have some rather strange ideas for the rest of my marines. I primed the scout bikers, built and primed some scout sergeants I was lacking and almost finished two of the four drop pods.
Most of my time was spent assembling and tearing apart my techmarine, trying to find a way to fit a conversion beamer on him. I never received all the correct parts for his harness anyway. (not the first time GW has done this)I finally just stuck an old space hulk beamer on his shoulder(sometimes I wonder if its pointing the right way.). I may try and throw some extra cables and wires to improve his look.

So I looked around at the rest of my marine army, and looked at the vanilla book and realized why I was never content with it. Ever since the beginning of my love of the hobby I have liked the assault marine. From my days of playing PC game,Chaos Gate, the assault squad was always my favorite.
glancing at the vanilla list its pretty obvious having an assault force wont get you very far. Lack of scoring units, expensive and really not all that great compared to other hand to hand units in the game. Still I think they are better then the jack of all trade and master of none, tac squad.
My other favorite unit has always been the librarian, and now that forgeworld has the new red scorpion and honor guard it got my brain thinking. I loved the Red Scorpion fluff, although they aren't well known for scout units.( Go figure I make a scout themed army.)
I came to a conclusion that I will still use the vanilla book, for most list builds, and the scout list, but when I want to run vanguard and some assault troops I am going to use the Blood Angel book. For a "counts as" I don't think its too far of a stretch. The sergeant upgrade into an apothecary isn't far off with using a sanguinary priest.
I know some are going to think, "great another blood angel wanna be." but honestly I just want some scoring assault troops and lets face it the vanguard can actually deep strike better. I will be avoiding special characters, and most vehicles, so I will be only using this for a heavy assault list.
I love the Seth model, so who knows maybe I will just do a Flesh Tearer army in the near future.(like I need more marines, ugh.)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off Road

So I got a lot started this week, with a little help from the new Iron Maiden CD, nice to plug in some music and just paint most of the day.
I have played around with a scout force in the past, and now I think I am going to try a crazy list. 4 drop pods full of dread's, 4 different scout units, 2 landspeeder storms, scout bikers, and a Master of the Forge HQ to name a few. Still working on some final touches and units to add, probably assault termi's as a hammer unit. I will probably lose a lot of games, but it will hopefully be tactical and fun to play for a well fought victory.

It didn't take me long to get the bikes together, going to try a small unit of 4. I will probably increase this after a few games if they manage to do anything at all.They will be a suicide unit, trying to get a position to call in the real beef.

I worked on a tac squad while I was waiting on the scouts to arrive, they will be used for a more normal list someday. Also worked on some designs for a sternguard unit.

Grabbed a bone'ead, love me some ogryns. I am impressed with the newer models, good detail and size. I would get more but I am full of old ones. Will probably compare my paint job over the years when this guy is done.

I really went off the reservation with some old foundry street violence miniatures in the back, they have a lot to do with the next package due in the mail.
Just realized I have a game Saturday and no idea what to take or time to get it together. Oh well back to work for the next couple days.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chaos unpacked.

I think setting a deadline with a tournament is a great way to get an army painted, probably not as detailed as one might like but hopefully as a whole it will be tabletop quality.
I still need to do a lot of detail work, drill out gun barrels etc. Yet, Already I want to drop the raptors and add some terminators. I will continue working on this force, and plan on taking it to some local games soon.

I just love gore, I hope to add some more dead marines through the rest of the army over time. The sorcerer I tried a weird blue highlight, doesn't seem to come out well in the photo.

I am definitely on a break from Chaos. I ordered some marine scout bikes, a scout themed marine list is next on my plate. Also ordered some Wargame Factory items, looking forward to seeing how well their products are.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So I had some crazy drama the night before the tournament a few weeks back, and decided not to go. Besides lack of sleep from work, I really didn't think I would bring a fun game for any of my opponents that weekend.
I took a break from everything from painting to even listening to podcasts for some time to sort through some issues. Yet, here I am back at the painting table and back to work on what I enjoy. As I always seem to do, I grabbed from the guard shelf for the week, and worked out a prototype for my rough riders.

I used some small chain, plasticard for the base, and obviously dark elf parts. Managed to get a commissar in there as well as updating the ogryns.

I think the next couple weeks I am going to get some marines done, and finish a scout themed army.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out of time.

Well I am just about out of time as I go back to work for the next 3 days. I managed to get paint on the army, and all the bases done. I wont have a finish on them, and some still need highlights and work. My team called it quits, but I am on the extra board to fill in for missing team members. I'll have time Friday night to get some better photos and prepare for the weekend.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tournament bound still.

We still don't have a 4th teammate for the OFCC next weekend. I doubt we will find someone at this rate. I took the weekend off, and I will have money in my pocket for not having to pay for the event, so I may as well go. I'll still get some pick up games and trading in during the weekend long event hopefully.

I took a break from chaos this weekend, and threw some marine symbols on the rhino. Looks good enough for me when the hatches and weapons are switched out.

I don't think I have ever mentioned i hate Ultramarine's, going to sit the remains of this one at the feet of my Daemon prince. I plan on a nice ultra corpse theme through the entire army eventually. It will be nice to go back and clean up the details on the army once the initial work is done, hopefully by Tuesday. It was nice having the deadline, but I had to really hurry and skip some details.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All work and no play

Work picked up this last week and killed my hobby time, but I managed to get more done then I thought for next weeks tournament. I managed to get all the bases done, except the daemon prince. Going to attempt to add a little and make his base stand out some. I managed to finish whats pictured below, I still have to finish some touch up work on the plague marines, berserkers, some banner/icons, and the sorcerer. I should have it all done a week from today.

I got word that one of our team had to drop out, if we don't replace him it looks like we wont play. With our team name being TYSMIHA(Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?) you can tell we are just out to have fun. Bummer if we don't get a replacement but at least it got me motivated to paint up some chaos.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Burning Dinosaur Bones

I finished the basics for the vehicles for my tournament list just in time for my vacation to be about over. Manage to get some progress besides being side tracked with life stuff, and Mass Effect 2. I just need to do some highlight work, touch ups, and finish the head on the defiler. Then its back to the troops, with 3 weeks to go, I think I'm ahead of schedule. I thought about a display board, but honestly the paint job on these aren't worth it just yet.

I stuck a nurgling on the one rhino for my opponents sake, made another magnet door so the spikes can flip over for an easy switch to my marine force. I really wanted to throw some chapter symbols on the other side, but kept it strictly chaos for now. I have a feeling after the tournament I am going to dig into the marines for a while.

Over all i think the scheme and paint jobs are ok. Definitely a rush job to get it done, but at least I can say it's done. It will meet the 3 color minimum and basing material, which I will probably do the last week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mind if I test drive your rhino?

So I finally figured out a way to make my marine rhinos into traitorous chaos ones. Using a paint scheme that's not too far off helps, and I am avoiding any markings on most of the hull. Going to try and use everything on the hatches and larger top doors for symbols and spikes etc.

I glued in a cross piece with some extra sprue bits. Using the top hatch with a magnet, this holds the pieces on.

I left extra magnets on here so one can see how it locks the pieces in. I can just pull off the weapons and replace it with the Imperial stuff. I even magnetized the combi bolter if I ever decide to make a melta or use the flamer bit.

The top hatch I can flip over easily, the spikes facing down into the hull. I will put some imperium symbols on the other side etc. I locked it in with a magnet just to hold it all in place.


I had another fun battle today with my tournament team captain. He had the same space marine army as last time, with my updated and balanced list to try a rematch. It was a fun battle over all, with some good all around carnage on both sides. I think I rolled pretty poorly, while he had some great rolls. Capture and control mission with pitched battle deployment, I ended up with first turn. Our objectives were on opposite corners, so I had to divide my forces. Then to top it off he stole the initiative!
On one side I ran the Landraider full of berserkers, the Daemonprince, and a rhino full of chaos marines at his objective. The Landraider manage to get halfway and get immobilized by his bikers, who were quickly tore apart by the berserkers next turn. Who in turn died just short of the objective in a few turns of fire. All that fire cleared the way for the rhino and prince to move up. The Prince made short work of tactical squads and cleared the objective. The rhino exploded, and the chaos marines bounced back charging a dreadnought and destroying it with a powerfist. After that the marines fell to fire, to a single man, left on the objective with 3 tac squads surrounding him.
On my objective I sat the plague marines and sorcerer, with a rhino and defiler nearby. The plague marines did well, eventually getting charged by 2 squads of marines. They were down to 2 marines and the sorcerer, yet none of his marines were close to the objective. The defiler shot well, yet failed to do much damage against anything in cover, it eventually charged a unit of outflanking scouts to keep them away from the objective.
My obliterators sat dead center of my deployment, raining fire upon anything they could. They managed to kill off a bike squad, and 5 terminators with a librarian who deepstruck within range of some nasty plasma. My raptors tried to deepstrike, and shot well but fell quickly to fire.
To my luck we rolled a 1 at the end of turn 5, with my lone chaos marine sitting on his objective , I won the fight. If we had gone even one more turn it would have been a draw, or even loss for me.
I learned a few good things this battle, I need to just rush my landraider across the board, and worry about it shooting after I get the berserkers out. Melta-bombs are a last ditch effort, avoid trying to use them unless I have no other choice. Probably better off without deepstriking my raptors, waited too long for them to show up. My Oblit's do best in the center, being able to fire and support most of the board.

Now to get back to painting, I have two good solid days of painting left hopefully.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the road

Just a quick post, since I am being lazy on my first days of vacation.

I changed up the sorcerer yet again, think I like this look best. Thinking about changing the robe colors, went with a light blue glow on the armor which seems ok. I am not liking, or I'm tired of gray for highlighting black. Also wasn't happy with my berserker champion so I made a new one. Borrowed Zhufors magnetized head, going to go with this red/bone style for the rest of them hopefully.
Did some minor work on the LR, may add some more red/bone to it. Also highlighted the raptors some, just need to highlight and get the bases done.

Really going to have to get some progress done this week.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chaos in progress

Slow week for painting, had visiting family, a death in the family, and an infection of Malifaux. No plans on playing the game anytime soon, just dig the models.
Slaved away on the raptors and sorcerer. I should have them done soon. The sorcerer I keep changing, not sure if I like his head/hair, I may change his skin tone as well. My nephew picked up my Daemonprince and quickly broke off his blade, so I did some detailed work while it is off.
Also went to work on the landraider, added some khorne icons, and colors to the dull black legion look.

Next week is vacation, lets hope I get a ton of things finished. August 14th will be here too soon.

Fine tuned the list, already I want to change some things out and have more fun with it. I just don't think I would have the time to finish more units, so I am sticking with this list. Moved some wargear around to even it out, everything else is mostly the same.

Daemon Prince @ 175 Pts
Wings; Mark of Nurgle Warptime

1 Chaos Sorcerer @ 145 Pts
Wings -Mark of Slaanesh -Lash of Submission

9 Khorne Berzerkers @ 250 Pts
1 Skull Champion @ [61] Pts Power Fist

9 Plague Marines @ 350 Pts Plasmagun (x2)
1 Plague Champion @ [63] Pts Power Fist
1 Rhino @ [50] Pts Havoc Launcher

9 Chaos Space Marines <265> Chaos Glory meltagun, flamer
1 Aspiring Champion @ [55] Pts Power Fist
1 Rhino @ [50] Pts havoc launcher

5 Raptors @ (200)
Mark of Slaanesh;Flamer, melta gun
1 Aspiring Champion @ [65] Pts Melta Bombs ; Lightning Claws (pair)

3 Obliterators @ 225 Pts

1 Defiler @ 150 Pts
Reaper Autocannon; Twin Linked Heavy Flamer

1 Land Raider @ 240 Pts
Daemonic Possession

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chaos second battle.

So I loaded up the list, and fought some marines for my first battle of the day. Here's what I can remember-
He had a well rounded list, 4 tac squads(missiles and flamers) and a small combat blade unit of scouts for troops. 2 dreads and a shooty unit of termi's for elites. for the HQ he had a captain with a relic blade, and a librarian in terminator armor. his last unit was a large amount of bikes with an attack bike, something I have never faced before.
He had first turn, and started off well. He destroyed my defiler right away, and after that his shooting got sour. I managed to make cover saves with the smoke launchers and got across the battlefield. I crashed into his left flank and worked my way to the right. A havoc launcher caused enough wounds to send one unit running off the board, and the Prince pretty much ate a dread in one turn. The berserkers launched into another tac squad and ate them the next round.
After that I slowly made my way towards the rest of his forces, avoiding the remaining missiles and eventually knocking out his other dread. I still had 2 units in rhinos who never got out, the obliteraters fired a few lascannon rounds into the bikes. Of all the units the berserkers shined, they wiped out the captain, a tac squad and the bikes.

My first opponent warned me about the second, I thought how bad could it be? well when you roll to steal initiative and get a cocked die, then call it a 6? You bring a battlewagon 4 times the size of a GW one, then don't bother to roll difficult terrain checks because of the wide load? Maybe you pick dice that have funny symbols for a 1 and 6, and constantly use that die for those "must have" rolls? I could go on about some other things but oh well. Nice guy, pleasant to talk to, just not my ideal opponent.

Over all today I did OK, learned a little and still at a loss with some. running the sorcerer with the raptors needs some work, or maybe pulling him out and moving him over to the plague marines at the right time would help. I need to remember my rhino fire points and my warptime rolls.
I may switch out a couple items, and fine tune the list.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Chaos at the wheel.

So I am full speed ahead on Chaos, it will be close to get the entire force done in time. I have everything built but one raptor and a rhino, most everything else is painted primer and ready to be worked on. I still have a few bits to add here and there when I need to, I still want the force to look a little different then usual.
With the Daemonprince wings, the custom sorcerer, the viking look on the marines, and the no-helm berserkers I think it will.
The sorcerer is a mix of chaos, dark angel, dark elf, possessed bits, and green stuff for hopefully a cool look. have some fluff ideas and background on him but that's another day.

I have started with the plague marine unit, I hope to have them finished up by next Monday. I am working on other units in between or when I need a break.

I have two battles lined up tomorrow, testing out the tournament list against Orks and marines, should be a good test on what I am in for.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chaos Rough Draft

Going to turn this in for my first submission, the feedback I have is its around a medium to soft list. They have 3 rankings- soft, medium and hard. Our team can only have so many hard lists, I think the rest of my team is 2 marines and a sister army. I doubt we will even have a hard list.

I almost wanted to bring a foot slogging list, just line them up like orks and charge them in. Yet I need to finish painting it, as doing a couple vehicles may ease the burden if I can finish them quickly enough.

Basic idea- charge in with the landraider of berserkers and a prince behind. Plague marines and chaos marines in rhinos to grab or stab. heavy supports of defiler and oblit's. I am hoping to use a sorcerer with raptors as a fast moving support/strike unit.
I'll have to paint it in time, 3 colors and based. I am hoping to do extra work on the sorcerer but everything else should be above tabletop quality until I improve it later.

1 Daemon Prince -Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime

1 Chaos Sorcerer- Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission

9 Khorne Berzerkers
1 Skull Champion, Power Fist

9 Plague Marines Plasmagun (x2)
1 Plague Champion Power Fist
1 Rhino Havoc Launcher

9 Chaos Space Marines -Chaos Glory, Meltagun (x2
1 Aspiring Champion Combi-flamer, Power Fist
1 Rhino Combi-flamer

5 Raptors Mark of Slaanesh, Flamer (x1)
1 Aspiring Champion Melta Bombs, Lightning Claws (pair)

3 Obliterators

1 Defiler Reaper Autocannon; Twin Linked Heavy Flamer

1 Land Raider Daemonic Possession

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Higher Gear

Looks like Im going to the OFCC, an invitational up in the Pacific Northwest. 2000 points of painted goodness, with a bunch of players out to have fun first. I was an alternate last year but it looks like I have to step up to the plate this year.

Now to decide what army, and if I want to try and paint chaos by aug 14th.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blood for the Blood God

I have weeks where I paint and weeks when I build. This was definitely the latter- sensory overload of forgeworld and a battleforce arrived which had me cutting and gluing my fingers most of the night. I have done some serious damage in the past, you would think I would start wearing thumb protection when I build.

I tried something new on these two deathguard, trying to keep the shoulder pads and just switch out the arms. So I can go for some plasma guns or just keep them normal. Seems to have worked but it takes a little more work to make it fit. I may try this on some of the terminators.

Went magnet happy as usual, trying to build a sorcerer. I was going to use the ravenguard figure, but I really don't think I want to tear up all the detail.

I may have found the right pieces after digging around through some bits. Will have a unit to go with him soon, I like the idea/theme for him and his unit, hopefully it turns out.

and I brought out the librarian I never finished painting so long ago. tore off the stormbolter and with the help of a plastic hand I pinned Lysanders shield on.

(side note- Yay GW for finally releasing a Nid FAQ!) also I may be up for a tournament soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chaos on the loose!

So we had another battle today, Sean brought 1500 of marines. Similar list to his last, he dropped some items to try out some new. I brought out the chaos, and was rather losing my morale when I had them lined up on the table edge. I guess I'm used to orks or guard, heck even marines I manage to have a lot of units. Here I was outnumbered and outgunned as I looked across the table. I thought at least this would give Sean a victory, I figured I would be lucky to get halfway across the board.
I had:
Daemon prince, nurgle/warptime
sorcerer of slannesh- lash and a unit of chaos marines with meltas
berserkers in a Landraider
Plague marines
3 obliterators

Sean had:
Captain and tac squad w/ rhino
dread w/ lascannon/missle
scout snipers

rhino/tac squad
landspeeder w/hvy bolters
dread w/ plasma cannon/missle
assault squad

We ended up with capture and control with spearhead, chaos got to go first. My plan was to attack with the landraider of berserkers, prince and chaos marines with sorcerer. I left the plague marines out of sight below the objective in ruins , the oblit's stood high up on the obj with a clear shot of the table.

Amazingly the Landraider and prince got into the fray around his objective, the sorcerer managed to lash his tac squad out of cover. The chaos marines took heavy casualties getting across, they were down to a meltagun, champion and the sorceror. (I definitely need them in a rhino.) I ended up with 2 troops on his objective, the landraider still unscathed nearby, they made easy work of anything in the area.

On the other objective the obliterators took a pounding from most of the units that came in from reserves. Really the ruins should have collapsed around them with all that fire, the plague marines remained out of sight below. The oblits took out the vindicator, 5 assault marines, a rhino, then withstood a charge of the three remaining assault marines. Well worth the points, I lost one out of the three.

We pretty much called it at the end of 5, wasn't looking good for marines to get the objective.

Some highlights: Sean's Vindicator got to fire before blown into a firey wreck!! the daemonprince charging into combat to try and kill the captain (who was doing a fine job of slaying berserkers), who valiantly remained for a round or two after. Predator with autocannons and bolters shoot a unit of 11 down to 3 over several turns, only to fail to wound the last 3 for the rest of the game. A chaos marine managed to get within range with a melta and blow up a whirlwind. The berserkers managed to hit with 33 attacks on the round they assaulted, 24 of which wounded. I ended up killing 4 marines, two from the sergeant's power fist. Sean made a total of 14 saves.

I still don't see how I pulled this one off, I think most of the problem was Sean's rolls. I think if he concentrated more firepower on the Landraider, things wouldn't have been so bad on his objective. Putting half his force in reserve helped him get closer, but it also split his force and rounds of being able to shoot. As for taking my objective, he would have been better of just trying to contest it.

Overall I was amazed at the performance of the army, oblit's are a must. As are plague marines, hopefully next time they get to do something besides guard duty. I may have to squeeze in a rhino for that third troop to move faster. I felt like I managed to control the pace of the game, even tho I lacked numbers.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lazy week

Not much done on the painting this week, side tracked with the Maiden concert and a game. Managed to get few more berserker/world eaters base coated. Started another objective marker, magnetized it if we ever bother to play Space hulk. I will probably finish up all the objective markers this weekend. If I don't get side tracked getting my FW stuff.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Marine on Marine Action


So Sean headed over for another round of 40k using what I think was almost the same list as last week. I ended up going with the themed marine list of what I had left over. It was a scout heavy list, with some deep strikes thrown in for fun.
going off memory here:
1 captain in terminator armor with claws
5 thunder hammer/storm shield termi's
5 vanguard 1 power fist/ 4 power swords
2 dread's with multi meltas in a drop pod
2 5 man scouts in landspeeders
Telion and a unit if snipers and missle launcher
5 scouts with bolters w/ teleport homer

Sean's marines were almost the same as last week
1 chaplain in termi
7 termi's in a landraider
2 tac squads in rhinos
predator with autocannons

We had some interesting outcomes, and some rather futile rolling as usual. It was 3 objectives, so I knew it was going to be a tactical game.
My dreads failed to shoot but did ok with assaults, my vanguard vets were outstanding, Landing on target and charging into some tac marines.
I had a unit of 5 scouts manage to hold off 10 tac marines for 3 turns before finally losing. Telion managed to help a missile launcher destroy the vindicator gun, and his rending shots took out a whirlwind. My camo cloak scouts were exceptional, going to ground for that bonus cover save.

I managed to bring in the last landspeeder and take one objective, while the other 2 were both contested. we ended on turn 5, it may have been any ones game if we had rolled more turns.

Over all I like the scout army, Telion did ok but I will definitely try him again. Lack of troops to fire at really made him rather useless once I lost the missile launcher. I'm not sold on the terminators either, I will probably drop them for a different elite choice. I definitely need to roll better with my anti armor.
The hand to hand scouts did amazingly well against tac marines, the speeders were unimpressive with multi meltas but they got the scouts where they needed to be. I will definitely try this force again with some minor changes.
Thinking I will go up to the 4 drop pods, maybe try out some stern guard.

My chaos is close to hitting the table.... so close.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chaos and ale.

After the game yesterday It reinvigorated my need for chaos, "shooty" is fun but I need some serious assaults! Once again the Legion has moved to the front of the desk and the paint is flowing. I think using chaos will be a more level playing field for us, or it could be the exact opposite.

Pretty much finished up the landspeeder storm, I will probably sneak some more marines in soon. Still taking my time with the prince, working on him in between things. Primed a landraider, finishing up a gunner for it , and the skull champ is almost done. I dug through some more of my bits and trades and started assembly some more units, forgot I had more berserkers.

The Legion is starting to take shape, with one last order from forgeworld and the brokenforge, I will easily have enough. I wanted a fantasy world look to them, only seems natural to combine my love of vikings and marines into chaos since I am not a space wolves fan. That square base above is Sven, the general of my viking army for WH ancients. I can only hope may chaos legion does half as well as they did.