Sunday, July 25, 2010

Burning Dinosaur Bones

I finished the basics for the vehicles for my tournament list just in time for my vacation to be about over. Manage to get some progress besides being side tracked with life stuff, and Mass Effect 2. I just need to do some highlight work, touch ups, and finish the head on the defiler. Then its back to the troops, with 3 weeks to go, I think I'm ahead of schedule. I thought about a display board, but honestly the paint job on these aren't worth it just yet.

I stuck a nurgling on the one rhino for my opponents sake, made another magnet door so the spikes can flip over for an easy switch to my marine force. I really wanted to throw some chapter symbols on the other side, but kept it strictly chaos for now. I have a feeling after the tournament I am going to dig into the marines for a while.

Over all i think the scheme and paint jobs are ok. Definitely a rush job to get it done, but at least I can say it's done. It will meet the 3 color minimum and basing material, which I will probably do the last week.

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