Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chaos second battle.

So I loaded up the list, and fought some marines for my first battle of the day. Here's what I can remember-
He had a well rounded list, 4 tac squads(missiles and flamers) and a small combat blade unit of scouts for troops. 2 dreads and a shooty unit of termi's for elites. for the HQ he had a captain with a relic blade, and a librarian in terminator armor. his last unit was a large amount of bikes with an attack bike, something I have never faced before.
He had first turn, and started off well. He destroyed my defiler right away, and after that his shooting got sour. I managed to make cover saves with the smoke launchers and got across the battlefield. I crashed into his left flank and worked my way to the right. A havoc launcher caused enough wounds to send one unit running off the board, and the Prince pretty much ate a dread in one turn. The berserkers launched into another tac squad and ate them the next round.
After that I slowly made my way towards the rest of his forces, avoiding the remaining missiles and eventually knocking out his other dread. I still had 2 units in rhinos who never got out, the obliteraters fired a few lascannon rounds into the bikes. Of all the units the berserkers shined, they wiped out the captain, a tac squad and the bikes.

My first opponent warned me about the second, I thought how bad could it be? well when you roll to steal initiative and get a cocked die, then call it a 6? You bring a battlewagon 4 times the size of a GW one, then don't bother to roll difficult terrain checks because of the wide load? Maybe you pick dice that have funny symbols for a 1 and 6, and constantly use that die for those "must have" rolls? I could go on about some other things but oh well. Nice guy, pleasant to talk to, just not my ideal opponent.

Over all today I did OK, learned a little and still at a loss with some. running the sorcerer with the raptors needs some work, or maybe pulling him out and moving him over to the plague marines at the right time would help. I need to remember my rhino fire points and my warptime rolls.
I may switch out a couple items, and fine tune the list.

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