Monday, July 5, 2010

Chaos at the wheel.

So I am full speed ahead on Chaos, it will be close to get the entire force done in time. I have everything built but one raptor and a rhino, most everything else is painted primer and ready to be worked on. I still have a few bits to add here and there when I need to, I still want the force to look a little different then usual.
With the Daemonprince wings, the custom sorcerer, the viking look on the marines, and the no-helm berserkers I think it will.
The sorcerer is a mix of chaos, dark angel, dark elf, possessed bits, and green stuff for hopefully a cool look. have some fluff ideas and background on him but that's another day.

I have started with the plague marine unit, I hope to have them finished up by next Monday. I am working on other units in between or when I need a break.

I have two battles lined up tomorrow, testing out the tournament list against Orks and marines, should be a good test on what I am in for.

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