Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chaos in progress

Slow week for painting, had visiting family, a death in the family, and an infection of Malifaux. No plans on playing the game anytime soon, just dig the models.
Slaved away on the raptors and sorcerer. I should have them done soon. The sorcerer I keep changing, not sure if I like his head/hair, I may change his skin tone as well. My nephew picked up my Daemonprince and quickly broke off his blade, so I did some detailed work while it is off.
Also went to work on the landraider, added some khorne icons, and colors to the dull black legion look.

Next week is vacation, lets hope I get a ton of things finished. August 14th will be here too soon.

Fine tuned the list, already I want to change some things out and have more fun with it. I just don't think I would have the time to finish more units, so I am sticking with this list. Moved some wargear around to even it out, everything else is mostly the same.

Daemon Prince @ 175 Pts
Wings; Mark of Nurgle Warptime

1 Chaos Sorcerer @ 145 Pts
Wings -Mark of Slaanesh -Lash of Submission

9 Khorne Berzerkers @ 250 Pts
1 Skull Champion @ [61] Pts Power Fist

9 Plague Marines @ 350 Pts Plasmagun (x2)
1 Plague Champion @ [63] Pts Power Fist
1 Rhino @ [50] Pts Havoc Launcher

9 Chaos Space Marines <265> Chaos Glory meltagun, flamer
1 Aspiring Champion @ [55] Pts Power Fist
1 Rhino @ [50] Pts havoc launcher

5 Raptors @ (200)
Mark of Slaanesh;Flamer, melta gun
1 Aspiring Champion @ [65] Pts Melta Bombs ; Lightning Claws (pair)

3 Obliterators @ 225 Pts

1 Defiler @ 150 Pts
Reaper Autocannon; Twin Linked Heavy Flamer

1 Land Raider @ 240 Pts
Daemonic Possession

Total Roster Cost: 2000

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  1. This is a solid list. When I play CSM I always go with a Nurgle Prince he is just a beast and people always go out of their way to kill him.