Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Its a start.

Besides listening to podcasts, I haven't really done a single thing with any of my models or games in months. I put a lot of it in storage, cleaned out the hobby room and pretty much took a long break.
All the while I keep thinking of all the models I want to paint and armies to finish. There is finally a new game store back on this side of the river, so that should be sign that I need to get back into it.
What better way then a new game and even more models? Yeah I probably need a twelve step program for all this. I actually picked up Flames of War because my roommate is not a gamer at all, but loves history. Mainly WW2, so why not try this game?

Turns out his step son had bought him a model for the game a while back, seems like a good sign. I am starting with a German Tank army, and an American mechanized force.

I spent the day trying to assemble stuff, this stuff is difficult. May take me a while to just assemble. Ah well, I will probably get the blood angels out of storage and get them back on the table as well.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to it

Here is a petition to GW that's been started.


or an address if you want to send a letter the old fashioned way.
Games Workshop
Willow Road

The past few months I have been picking up sabol foam and a couple cases, trying to fit six armies all in foam at once. I tried some battlefoam, and I cant say I like the foam all that much, or the price. Seems too rough, but they cant be beat for the custom fit.

I have been trying to make more hobby time, and seem to get less the more I try. So I am just trying to small things done at the table when I can. I am still slowly working away on some more death company and chaplain but its been chore. I did break out some other models to hopefully spark my interest. I know I am not very motivated to do anything with a GW model at the moment.

I decided on the basic color for the wargame factory models, probably a traitor guard force when its all done. Picked up the newest battletech boxed set, looking forward to this game since its been so long. I still have an old version called Battledroids off this game. Picked up a couple more Malifaux and decided I need to finish the first model I started.

I did pick up a few of the new greyknight models in the last few months, I think my old ones will do fine but the new ones are pretty nice. Turned a dread missile launcher into autocannons, and magnetized the dreadknight. I wanted him to fit in some foam without taking up the entire tray. I threw magnets on a few spots and made the weapons interchangable. Green stuffed some fingers in order to use all the weapons since the set lacked enough.

Hopefully I find more time, and actually finish some models soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enough is enough

Really, another price increase? I won't be buying anything for some time, not that I can't afford it. I just think enough is enough with Games Workshop, and not just the price increases. I think everyone should email or call GW and let them know how you feel, I doubt they care but who knows with enough people.

I do have a large stock pile of unfinished work to do so I can at least keep myself immersed in the hobby and blogging for some time.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A year later

I can't believe its been a year, and it's been since January since I last posted. Things got rough for me, my divorce really set on my stress level, and my mind has not been in the hobby. I have picked up a few models and tried. I drilled straight through some weapons on a stormraven and decided I needed a break. (not a fan of the stormraven model)

I hope to get back into the blog soon, currently I am buying lots of foam. I intend to get all 7 of the armies into foam for moving and storage. I am liking the new grey knights, and picked up a few models. Hopefully I will get back into the blog real soon, I liked going back over the old posts and seeing my progress, and hope to do it some more this year.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back on the road

Just a quick update, almost finished the 4th squad and sanguinor. I just need to get some small details and get the bases done. Primed a drop pod and baal predator, as well as some termi's which I started.

I also have renewed my interest in Dark Heresy, and decided to paint up some characters for that. I may do some posts on the game, if it goes well. We are usually hit or miss, and have failed at campaigns for some time now. My cameras battery died, will hopefully have better pics next week.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Low Fuel

So somehow I survived the holidays, yet my hobby was all but slowed to a crawl thanks to distractions from family, a divorce, an escape artist of a dog, and video games sales. I did manage to make progress on a 5 man assault squad, and finishing some magnet work on termi arms and another cyclone launcher. I forgot I bought an imperial guard blister 2 weeks ago at work, hard to find a game store with room to park a semi truck but I manage. Its been sitting in my brief case all this time, I think this tells me where my head is currently and its not on the hobby.

I hope to renew my interest and get going with the new year. I plan to finish up some more blood angels by April. Just in time for Grey Knights, maybe I will dust them off and put them back on the shelf, they definitely need a face lift. I guess I'll wait and see what changes they will bring. If I don't go back to Grey Knights I intend to get the guard back on the paint table. They have always been my favorite, and have been neglected most of last year.

Anyway it was a good year last year, I think the blog helped me get a lot of things done and to a better quality, nothing spectacular but I like to think above average.
I hope to at least post twice a month, just simple posts of my progress, or anything else I find on my mind.