Sunday, January 16, 2011

Low Fuel

So somehow I survived the holidays, yet my hobby was all but slowed to a crawl thanks to distractions from family, a divorce, an escape artist of a dog, and video games sales. I did manage to make progress on a 5 man assault squad, and finishing some magnet work on termi arms and another cyclone launcher. I forgot I bought an imperial guard blister 2 weeks ago at work, hard to find a game store with room to park a semi truck but I manage. Its been sitting in my brief case all this time, I think this tells me where my head is currently and its not on the hobby.

I hope to renew my interest and get going with the new year. I plan to finish up some more blood angels by April. Just in time for Grey Knights, maybe I will dust them off and put them back on the shelf, they definitely need a face lift. I guess I'll wait and see what changes they will bring. If I don't go back to Grey Knights I intend to get the guard back on the paint table. They have always been my favorite, and have been neglected most of last year.

Anyway it was a good year last year, I think the blog helped me get a lot of things done and to a better quality, nothing spectacular but I like to think above average.
I hope to at least post twice a month, just simple posts of my progress, or anything else I find on my mind.

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