Sunday, July 25, 2010

Burning Dinosaur Bones

I finished the basics for the vehicles for my tournament list just in time for my vacation to be about over. Manage to get some progress besides being side tracked with life stuff, and Mass Effect 2. I just need to do some highlight work, touch ups, and finish the head on the defiler. Then its back to the troops, with 3 weeks to go, I think I'm ahead of schedule. I thought about a display board, but honestly the paint job on these aren't worth it just yet.

I stuck a nurgling on the one rhino for my opponents sake, made another magnet door so the spikes can flip over for an easy switch to my marine force. I really wanted to throw some chapter symbols on the other side, but kept it strictly chaos for now. I have a feeling after the tournament I am going to dig into the marines for a while.

Over all i think the scheme and paint jobs are ok. Definitely a rush job to get it done, but at least I can say it's done. It will meet the 3 color minimum and basing material, which I will probably do the last week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mind if I test drive your rhino?

So I finally figured out a way to make my marine rhinos into traitorous chaos ones. Using a paint scheme that's not too far off helps, and I am avoiding any markings on most of the hull. Going to try and use everything on the hatches and larger top doors for symbols and spikes etc.

I glued in a cross piece with some extra sprue bits. Using the top hatch with a magnet, this holds the pieces on.

I left extra magnets on here so one can see how it locks the pieces in. I can just pull off the weapons and replace it with the Imperial stuff. I even magnetized the combi bolter if I ever decide to make a melta or use the flamer bit.

The top hatch I can flip over easily, the spikes facing down into the hull. I will put some imperium symbols on the other side etc. I locked it in with a magnet just to hold it all in place.


I had another fun battle today with my tournament team captain. He had the same space marine army as last time, with my updated and balanced list to try a rematch. It was a fun battle over all, with some good all around carnage on both sides. I think I rolled pretty poorly, while he had some great rolls. Capture and control mission with pitched battle deployment, I ended up with first turn. Our objectives were on opposite corners, so I had to divide my forces. Then to top it off he stole the initiative!
On one side I ran the Landraider full of berserkers, the Daemonprince, and a rhino full of chaos marines at his objective. The Landraider manage to get halfway and get immobilized by his bikers, who were quickly tore apart by the berserkers next turn. Who in turn died just short of the objective in a few turns of fire. All that fire cleared the way for the rhino and prince to move up. The Prince made short work of tactical squads and cleared the objective. The rhino exploded, and the chaos marines bounced back charging a dreadnought and destroying it with a powerfist. After that the marines fell to fire, to a single man, left on the objective with 3 tac squads surrounding him.
On my objective I sat the plague marines and sorcerer, with a rhino and defiler nearby. The plague marines did well, eventually getting charged by 2 squads of marines. They were down to 2 marines and the sorcerer, yet none of his marines were close to the objective. The defiler shot well, yet failed to do much damage against anything in cover, it eventually charged a unit of outflanking scouts to keep them away from the objective.
My obliterators sat dead center of my deployment, raining fire upon anything they could. They managed to kill off a bike squad, and 5 terminators with a librarian who deepstruck within range of some nasty plasma. My raptors tried to deepstrike, and shot well but fell quickly to fire.
To my luck we rolled a 1 at the end of turn 5, with my lone chaos marine sitting on his objective , I won the fight. If we had gone even one more turn it would have been a draw, or even loss for me.
I learned a few good things this battle, I need to just rush my landraider across the board, and worry about it shooting after I get the berserkers out. Melta-bombs are a last ditch effort, avoid trying to use them unless I have no other choice. Probably better off without deepstriking my raptors, waited too long for them to show up. My Oblit's do best in the center, being able to fire and support most of the board.

Now to get back to painting, I have two good solid days of painting left hopefully.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the road

Just a quick post, since I am being lazy on my first days of vacation.

I changed up the sorcerer yet again, think I like this look best. Thinking about changing the robe colors, went with a light blue glow on the armor which seems ok. I am not liking, or I'm tired of gray for highlighting black. Also wasn't happy with my berserker champion so I made a new one. Borrowed Zhufors magnetized head, going to go with this red/bone style for the rest of them hopefully.
Did some minor work on the LR, may add some more red/bone to it. Also highlighted the raptors some, just need to highlight and get the bases done.

Really going to have to get some progress done this week.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chaos in progress

Slow week for painting, had visiting family, a death in the family, and an infection of Malifaux. No plans on playing the game anytime soon, just dig the models.
Slaved away on the raptors and sorcerer. I should have them done soon. The sorcerer I keep changing, not sure if I like his head/hair, I may change his skin tone as well. My nephew picked up my Daemonprince and quickly broke off his blade, so I did some detailed work while it is off.
Also went to work on the landraider, added some khorne icons, and colors to the dull black legion look.

Next week is vacation, lets hope I get a ton of things finished. August 14th will be here too soon.

Fine tuned the list, already I want to change some things out and have more fun with it. I just don't think I would have the time to finish more units, so I am sticking with this list. Moved some wargear around to even it out, everything else is mostly the same.

Daemon Prince @ 175 Pts
Wings; Mark of Nurgle Warptime

1 Chaos Sorcerer @ 145 Pts
Wings -Mark of Slaanesh -Lash of Submission

9 Khorne Berzerkers @ 250 Pts
1 Skull Champion @ [61] Pts Power Fist

9 Plague Marines @ 350 Pts Plasmagun (x2)
1 Plague Champion @ [63] Pts Power Fist
1 Rhino @ [50] Pts Havoc Launcher

9 Chaos Space Marines <265> Chaos Glory meltagun, flamer
1 Aspiring Champion @ [55] Pts Power Fist
1 Rhino @ [50] Pts havoc launcher

5 Raptors @ (200)
Mark of Slaanesh;Flamer, melta gun
1 Aspiring Champion @ [65] Pts Melta Bombs ; Lightning Claws (pair)

3 Obliterators @ 225 Pts

1 Defiler @ 150 Pts
Reaper Autocannon; Twin Linked Heavy Flamer

1 Land Raider @ 240 Pts
Daemonic Possession

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chaos second battle.

So I loaded up the list, and fought some marines for my first battle of the day. Here's what I can remember-
He had a well rounded list, 4 tac squads(missiles and flamers) and a small combat blade unit of scouts for troops. 2 dreads and a shooty unit of termi's for elites. for the HQ he had a captain with a relic blade, and a librarian in terminator armor. his last unit was a large amount of bikes with an attack bike, something I have never faced before.
He had first turn, and started off well. He destroyed my defiler right away, and after that his shooting got sour. I managed to make cover saves with the smoke launchers and got across the battlefield. I crashed into his left flank and worked my way to the right. A havoc launcher caused enough wounds to send one unit running off the board, and the Prince pretty much ate a dread in one turn. The berserkers launched into another tac squad and ate them the next round.
After that I slowly made my way towards the rest of his forces, avoiding the remaining missiles and eventually knocking out his other dread. I still had 2 units in rhinos who never got out, the obliteraters fired a few lascannon rounds into the bikes. Of all the units the berserkers shined, they wiped out the captain, a tac squad and the bikes.

My first opponent warned me about the second, I thought how bad could it be? well when you roll to steal initiative and get a cocked die, then call it a 6? You bring a battlewagon 4 times the size of a GW one, then don't bother to roll difficult terrain checks because of the wide load? Maybe you pick dice that have funny symbols for a 1 and 6, and constantly use that die for those "must have" rolls? I could go on about some other things but oh well. Nice guy, pleasant to talk to, just not my ideal opponent.

Over all today I did OK, learned a little and still at a loss with some. running the sorcerer with the raptors needs some work, or maybe pulling him out and moving him over to the plague marines at the right time would help. I need to remember my rhino fire points and my warptime rolls.
I may switch out a couple items, and fine tune the list.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Chaos at the wheel.

So I am full speed ahead on Chaos, it will be close to get the entire force done in time. I have everything built but one raptor and a rhino, most everything else is painted primer and ready to be worked on. I still have a few bits to add here and there when I need to, I still want the force to look a little different then usual.
With the Daemonprince wings, the custom sorcerer, the viking look on the marines, and the no-helm berserkers I think it will.
The sorcerer is a mix of chaos, dark angel, dark elf, possessed bits, and green stuff for hopefully a cool look. have some fluff ideas and background on him but that's another day.

I have started with the plague marine unit, I hope to have them finished up by next Monday. I am working on other units in between or when I need a break.

I have two battles lined up tomorrow, testing out the tournament list against Orks and marines, should be a good test on what I am in for.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chaos Rough Draft

Going to turn this in for my first submission, the feedback I have is its around a medium to soft list. They have 3 rankings- soft, medium and hard. Our team can only have so many hard lists, I think the rest of my team is 2 marines and a sister army. I doubt we will even have a hard list.

I almost wanted to bring a foot slogging list, just line them up like orks and charge them in. Yet I need to finish painting it, as doing a couple vehicles may ease the burden if I can finish them quickly enough.

Basic idea- charge in with the landraider of berserkers and a prince behind. Plague marines and chaos marines in rhinos to grab or stab. heavy supports of defiler and oblit's. I am hoping to use a sorcerer with raptors as a fast moving support/strike unit.
I'll have to paint it in time, 3 colors and based. I am hoping to do extra work on the sorcerer but everything else should be above tabletop quality until I improve it later.

1 Daemon Prince -Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime

1 Chaos Sorcerer- Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission

9 Khorne Berzerkers
1 Skull Champion, Power Fist

9 Plague Marines Plasmagun (x2)
1 Plague Champion Power Fist
1 Rhino Havoc Launcher

9 Chaos Space Marines -Chaos Glory, Meltagun (x2
1 Aspiring Champion Combi-flamer, Power Fist
1 Rhino Combi-flamer

5 Raptors Mark of Slaanesh, Flamer (x1)
1 Aspiring Champion Melta Bombs, Lightning Claws (pair)

3 Obliterators

1 Defiler Reaper Autocannon; Twin Linked Heavy Flamer

1 Land Raider Daemonic Possession

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Higher Gear

Looks like Im going to the OFCC, an invitational up in the Pacific Northwest. 2000 points of painted goodness, with a bunch of players out to have fun first. I was an alternate last year but it looks like I have to step up to the plate this year.

Now to decide what army, and if I want to try and paint chaos by aug 14th.