Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Low gear again

Seems like my hobby time is getting slim these days but I still seem to be making progress. May have to do with the time of year, works busy, more then usual drama around the house, and one of my days off is taken up with a new gaming group. I will be running a Dark Heresy game with them soon, so that should be fun. Breaking them in with some call of cthulhu games has been like old times, still hard for me to get back into the rpg thing. If anything can make it interesting for me it will be the 40k fluff.

I have been slowly gluing and magnetizing the death company models in between stages. I still haven't planned out my 2k list, but I am sure I will run them as veterans of some sort.

I started working on the third squad with a razorback, hopefully I can get through them by the end of next week.

I still want to do some more detail work on the first 2 squads razorbacks, and any other touch ups on the squads.

Once I get the 1k army up to tabletop quality I hope to go back and improve the work. I keep telling myself I need to paint an army that's of better quality. If I could put as much time into the entire force as the HQ units, I don't think I would get anywhere.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Eternal Warriors, new podcast on the way.

Well not really new, the guys over at Dice Like Thunder have moved on, now they are The Eternal Warriors. Just wanted to post and get the word out, even if its only a couple views. These guys had a great run, and put in a lot of hard work and I hope they continue with much success.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still not tired of red.

So I started the second squad, and had to build the razorback from scratch this time. I decided to share this one with chaos and my red scorpions with a rhino hatch. If I use chaos in smaller points, my berserkers are going to need a smaller vehicle. I managed to magnetize the symbol on the front, so I can switch out the BA symbol with a chaos or Scorpions. I'll get some pics of this on a later date.
The assault cannons are borrowed from a very old Inquisitor land raider I made, the cannons are actually old metal eldar.

As for the squad I took another metal veteran and magnetized the arm, all the backpacks, and the special weapon. Explains why a backpack is off below, also the entire Priest is magnetized from the metal arm, back, and head.

I also started the third squad sergeant, with another magnet arm. I have done a lot more magnet work then I thought I would. I still have 2 boxes of death company models I haven't worked on yet. I may use them as veterans, either type with enough magnets since the death company look so expensive. Still, I like the idea behind the company I may use them in a large force. I still have a few units to go for my 1k mark, I may try a vindicator with the magnet symbols so i can switch it out in different armies.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Falling into red

It's been a nice change of pace painting red, I'm sure in another month I will be sick of it. Almost finished with the first assault squad and their razorback, just need to finish the bases and details on the razorback.
Also Did a lot of assembly work and magnetizing, still trying to save a buck and match colors with my Red Scorpions. It worked on the razorback, and some arms painted in neutral back and red.
Two more squads and razorbacks to go, then a devastator squad. I still need to pick an HQ unit, maybe if I can find/make a librarian in power armor I like.

There goes another month my poor guard are neglected.