Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Low gear again

Seems like my hobby time is getting slim these days but I still seem to be making progress. May have to do with the time of year, works busy, more then usual drama around the house, and one of my days off is taken up with a new gaming group. I will be running a Dark Heresy game with them soon, so that should be fun. Breaking them in with some call of cthulhu games has been like old times, still hard for me to get back into the rpg thing. If anything can make it interesting for me it will be the 40k fluff.

I have been slowly gluing and magnetizing the death company models in between stages. I still haven't planned out my 2k list, but I am sure I will run them as veterans of some sort.

I started working on the third squad with a razorback, hopefully I can get through them by the end of next week.

I still want to do some more detail work on the first 2 squads razorbacks, and any other touch ups on the squads.

Once I get the 1k army up to tabletop quality I hope to go back and improve the work. I keep telling myself I need to paint an army that's of better quality. If I could put as much time into the entire force as the HQ units, I don't think I would get anywhere.


  1. hey man, since you're in oregon if i can help let me know you can send me a email to me through the blog site. But let me know what you need or if you need help i'm all for helping people when i can.

  2. Looking excellent so far, can't wait to see the rest of those death company models painted. I love the look of them enough I bought a box to use as sternguard for my vanilla marines.

    Normally I would make some remark about them being emo vampires, but I play dark eldar who are the king of emo.

  3. The website it looking damn good, man. You've got something going here. Keep on truckin'!