Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still not tired of red.

So I started the second squad, and had to build the razorback from scratch this time. I decided to share this one with chaos and my red scorpions with a rhino hatch. If I use chaos in smaller points, my berserkers are going to need a smaller vehicle. I managed to magnetize the symbol on the front, so I can switch out the BA symbol with a chaos or Scorpions. I'll get some pics of this on a later date.
The assault cannons are borrowed from a very old Inquisitor land raider I made, the cannons are actually old metal eldar.

As for the squad I took another metal veteran and magnetized the arm, all the backpacks, and the special weapon. Explains why a backpack is off below, also the entire Priest is magnetized from the metal arm, back, and head.

I also started the third squad sergeant, with another magnet arm. I have done a lot more magnet work then I thought I would. I still have 2 boxes of death company models I haven't worked on yet. I may use them as veterans, either type with enough magnets since the death company look so expensive. Still, I like the idea behind the company I may use them in a large force. I still have a few units to go for my 1k mark, I may try a vindicator with the magnet symbols so i can switch it out in different armies.

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