Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Its a start.

Besides listening to podcasts, I haven't really done a single thing with any of my models or games in months. I put a lot of it in storage, cleaned out the hobby room and pretty much took a long break.
All the while I keep thinking of all the models I want to paint and armies to finish. There is finally a new game store back on this side of the river, so that should be sign that I need to get back into it.
What better way then a new game and even more models? Yeah I probably need a twelve step program for all this. I actually picked up Flames of War because my roommate is not a gamer at all, but loves history. Mainly WW2, so why not try this game?

Turns out his step son had bought him a model for the game a while back, seems like a good sign. I am starting with a German Tank army, and an American mechanized force.

I spent the day trying to assemble stuff, this stuff is difficult. May take me a while to just assemble. Ah well, I will probably get the blood angels out of storage and get them back on the table as well.