Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chaos unpacked.

I think setting a deadline with a tournament is a great way to get an army painted, probably not as detailed as one might like but hopefully as a whole it will be tabletop quality.
I still need to do a lot of detail work, drill out gun barrels etc. Yet, Already I want to drop the raptors and add some terminators. I will continue working on this force, and plan on taking it to some local games soon.

I just love gore, I hope to add some more dead marines through the rest of the army over time. The sorcerer I tried a weird blue highlight, doesn't seem to come out well in the photo.

I am definitely on a break from Chaos. I ordered some marine scout bikes, a scout themed marine list is next on my plate. Also ordered some Wargame Factory items, looking forward to seeing how well their products are.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So I had some crazy drama the night before the tournament a few weeks back, and decided not to go. Besides lack of sleep from work, I really didn't think I would bring a fun game for any of my opponents that weekend.
I took a break from everything from painting to even listening to podcasts for some time to sort through some issues. Yet, here I am back at the painting table and back to work on what I enjoy. As I always seem to do, I grabbed from the guard shelf for the week, and worked out a prototype for my rough riders.

I used some small chain, plasticard for the base, and obviously dark elf parts. Managed to get a commissar in there as well as updating the ogryns.

I think the next couple weeks I am going to get some marines done, and finish a scout themed army.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out of time.

Well I am just about out of time as I go back to work for the next 3 days. I managed to get paint on the army, and all the bases done. I wont have a finish on them, and some still need highlights and work. My team called it quits, but I am on the extra board to fill in for missing team members. I'll have time Friday night to get some better photos and prepare for the weekend.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tournament bound still.

We still don't have a 4th teammate for the OFCC next weekend. I doubt we will find someone at this rate. I took the weekend off, and I will have money in my pocket for not having to pay for the event, so I may as well go. I'll still get some pick up games and trading in during the weekend long event hopefully.

I took a break from chaos this weekend, and threw some marine symbols on the rhino. Looks good enough for me when the hatches and weapons are switched out.

I don't think I have ever mentioned i hate Ultramarine's, going to sit the remains of this one at the feet of my Daemon prince. I plan on a nice ultra corpse theme through the entire army eventually. It will be nice to go back and clean up the details on the army once the initial work is done, hopefully by Tuesday. It was nice having the deadline, but I had to really hurry and skip some details.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All work and no play

Work picked up this last week and killed my hobby time, but I managed to get more done then I thought for next weeks tournament. I managed to get all the bases done, except the daemon prince. Going to attempt to add a little and make his base stand out some. I managed to finish whats pictured below, I still have to finish some touch up work on the plague marines, berserkers, some banner/icons, and the sorcerer. I should have it all done a week from today.

I got word that one of our team had to drop out, if we don't replace him it looks like we wont play. With our team name being TYSMIHA(Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?) you can tell we are just out to have fun. Bummer if we don't get a replacement but at least it got me motivated to paint up some chaos.