Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tournament bound still.

We still don't have a 4th teammate for the OFCC next weekend. I doubt we will find someone at this rate. I took the weekend off, and I will have money in my pocket for not having to pay for the event, so I may as well go. I'll still get some pick up games and trading in during the weekend long event hopefully.

I took a break from chaos this weekend, and threw some marine symbols on the rhino. Looks good enough for me when the hatches and weapons are switched out.

I don't think I have ever mentioned i hate Ultramarine's, going to sit the remains of this one at the feet of my Daemon prince. I plan on a nice ultra corpse theme through the entire army eventually. It will be nice to go back and clean up the details on the army once the initial work is done, hopefully by Tuesday. It was nice having the deadline, but I had to really hurry and skip some details.

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