Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chaos unpacked.

I think setting a deadline with a tournament is a great way to get an army painted, probably not as detailed as one might like but hopefully as a whole it will be tabletop quality.
I still need to do a lot of detail work, drill out gun barrels etc. Yet, Already I want to drop the raptors and add some terminators. I will continue working on this force, and plan on taking it to some local games soon.

I just love gore, I hope to add some more dead marines through the rest of the army over time. The sorcerer I tried a weird blue highlight, doesn't seem to come out well in the photo.

I am definitely on a break from Chaos. I ordered some marine scout bikes, a scout themed marine list is next on my plate. Also ordered some Wargame Factory items, looking forward to seeing how well their products are.