Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off Road

So I got a lot started this week, with a little help from the new Iron Maiden CD, nice to plug in some music and just paint most of the day.
I have played around with a scout force in the past, and now I think I am going to try a crazy list. 4 drop pods full of dread's, 4 different scout units, 2 landspeeder storms, scout bikers, and a Master of the Forge HQ to name a few. Still working on some final touches and units to add, probably assault termi's as a hammer unit. I will probably lose a lot of games, but it will hopefully be tactical and fun to play for a well fought victory.

It didn't take me long to get the bikes together, going to try a small unit of 4. I will probably increase this after a few games if they manage to do anything at all.They will be a suicide unit, trying to get a position to call in the real beef.

I worked on a tac squad while I was waiting on the scouts to arrive, they will be used for a more normal list someday. Also worked on some designs for a sternguard unit.

Grabbed a bone'ead, love me some ogryns. I am impressed with the newer models, good detail and size. I would get more but I am full of old ones. Will probably compare my paint job over the years when this guy is done.

I really went off the reservation with some old foundry street violence miniatures in the back, they have a lot to do with the next package due in the mail.
Just realized I have a game Saturday and no idea what to take or time to get it together. Oh well back to work for the next couple days.


  1. I'm glad to hear you got a lot done, I'm hoping to get a full day of painting like that sometime soon. The tactical squad looks really cool, great work!

  2. I really like that color scheme. They look great!

  3. You seem to be quite experienced in constructing vehicles, so mayhaps you can give me some advice. Clean first, then assemble or vice versa?

  4. I usually clean some as I go to make it fit but I usually get the file out and clean when a vehicle is built. I usually paint after it's done as well, depending on the how hard spots are to get at. Thanks for the nice comments all.