Sunday, September 19, 2010

Staring out the Windshield.

Another lazy week, but I did have some rather strange ideas for the rest of my marines. I primed the scout bikers, built and primed some scout sergeants I was lacking and almost finished two of the four drop pods.
Most of my time was spent assembling and tearing apart my techmarine, trying to find a way to fit a conversion beamer on him. I never received all the correct parts for his harness anyway. (not the first time GW has done this)I finally just stuck an old space hulk beamer on his shoulder(sometimes I wonder if its pointing the right way.). I may try and throw some extra cables and wires to improve his look.

So I looked around at the rest of my marine army, and looked at the vanilla book and realized why I was never content with it. Ever since the beginning of my love of the hobby I have liked the assault marine. From my days of playing PC game,Chaos Gate, the assault squad was always my favorite.
glancing at the vanilla list its pretty obvious having an assault force wont get you very far. Lack of scoring units, expensive and really not all that great compared to other hand to hand units in the game. Still I think they are better then the jack of all trade and master of none, tac squad.
My other favorite unit has always been the librarian, and now that forgeworld has the new red scorpion and honor guard it got my brain thinking. I loved the Red Scorpion fluff, although they aren't well known for scout units.( Go figure I make a scout themed army.)
I came to a conclusion that I will still use the vanilla book, for most list builds, and the scout list, but when I want to run vanguard and some assault troops I am going to use the Blood Angel book. For a "counts as" I don't think its too far of a stretch. The sergeant upgrade into an apothecary isn't far off with using a sanguinary priest.
I know some are going to think, "great another blood angel wanna be." but honestly I just want some scoring assault troops and lets face it the vanguard can actually deep strike better. I will be avoiding special characters, and most vehicles, so I will be only using this for a heavy assault list.
I love the Seth model, so who knows maybe I will just do a Flesh Tearer army in the near future.(like I need more marines, ugh.)

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