Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slow week

Finally got my order from the Wargames Factory, and I have to admit I am impressed with their work for the price. its obvious to see how some of the kits have improved over time. The zombies are lacking detail, some of the vikings are great and some pieces still seem off. The shocktroops aren't bad, I would definitely use them if I was starting a guard army on the cheap side.
Threw a dusty guardsmen up to see how they compare.

Here's about 109 bucks worth of Wargames Factory plastic, I may have to stack up some GW sprues next week and compare.

Last Saturday I had a fun game with a newbie friend at a store on the west side, whenever I play at a local shop I feel compelled to make a purchase and support the store. So why not start army number seven with some Blood Angels? I intend to use a lot of old school models I have laying around to finish this force off. Going to do minimal magnet work, mostly on the backpacks and jump packs.

Almost done with the first test model, had some issues getting a red scheme I liked. Still poking along on the ogryn, and did some base colors on the scout bikers.

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