Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Blood

"Assault marines ditch an immobile razorback for a last minute objective"

So today was our first battle of Blood Angels vs. Space Wolves, with many more to follow. We ran 1500 points, with the SW using my Red Scorpions. I wont go into a detailed battle report, I'll just give some highlights.

Our forces were very similar:
He ran Njal with wolf guard in termi armor, ven dread in a drop pod, 2 grey hunter packs in rhinos, long fangs, vindicator, and some wolf scouts.

I had a librarian with termi's and a sanguinary priest, dread in a drop pod, 2 assault squads in razorbacks with priests, devastator squad, and vanguard veterans with jump packs.

We fought corner to corner, each defending our objectives. With the blood Angels winning first turn, I was hoping to do well. Yet, with my usual dice rolling, It was less then stellar.
My termi's and vanguard remained in reserve, for the ENTIRE game. Even with decent of angels I still managed to roll nothing but a 1 for my vet's. Not sure how much it would have helped to show up sooner. I had better results from my razorbacks with the lascannons over the assault. The drop pod dread with a melta was another fail, but was a game winner by blocking his entire force. This caused his force to have to take a longer way around, allowing my force a few rounds of shooting.

Njal is a beast, he removed the librarian with ease. I only managed to kill him off when he was separated from his unit and could single him out with enough shots. I think once my opponent starts to build a bigger and better force, better use of initial deployment, good target priority, and a better grasp of the rules I will be struggling against these wolves. He did have the worst table corner, and his long fangs and force really had its work cut out for them.

Model and Paint update:
I did a lot of assembling the last week and a half, and a little painting. I quickly finished the devastator squad, started the sanguinary guard, and rolled through some Black reach terminators quickly.

I used the sergeant model for the Sanguinary Priest, I ended up trying all sorts of bits from an ork rokkit to finally half a melta grenade as a cup.

Put together a rhino for my death company , and looking forward to starting the accompanying unit soon, I still think the Vanguard are the way to go. I also assembled another 15 assault marines with magnet jump packs, let's hope I don't tire of red any time soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gearing up

It's been a busy week, trying to catch up on reading other blogs, and doing my own hobby time. I struggled through the third squad, and I am feeling refreshed and ready to finish off the rest of my 1k force. Pretty much a devastator squad, and an HQ unit of some sort, as you can guess I am not one to really have a concrete list. I love to change it up and try different units, why I am such a magnet junky I suppose.
I really am not aiming for that killer list for my 1k level. I plan on playing it against a new Space Wolf player so I don't really want to ruin his day. Still it's a pretty solid list, I'm not sold on the power weapons on the priests just yet.
I still need to paint up squad logo's and markings, I dont know if I am a fan of those yellow helmets either.

Its the 2k level I am looking forward to, a larger jump pack unit, some death company or veteran units, and some rather expensive sanguine guard. These models are amazing, I plan on picking up another box just for the bits alone. I magnetized the heads, and the extra heads to use for veterans.

Everything else is purchased and slowly being built in between painting.
I did rummage through my old bits and found some old school blood angels, the captain, a dreadnought, an old metal squad, and the old smaller terminators. I amaze myself what I have hidden away, still wish I could find those old school orks.