Thursday, August 5, 2010

All work and no play

Work picked up this last week and killed my hobby time, but I managed to get more done then I thought for next weeks tournament. I managed to get all the bases done, except the daemon prince. Going to attempt to add a little and make his base stand out some. I managed to finish whats pictured below, I still have to finish some touch up work on the plague marines, berserkers, some banner/icons, and the sorcerer. I should have it all done a week from today.

I got word that one of our team had to drop out, if we don't replace him it looks like we wont play. With our team name being TYSMIHA(Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?) you can tell we are just out to have fun. Bummer if we don't get a replacement but at least it got me motivated to paint up some chaos.


  1. You going all the way down to the IVC tournament?

  2. I wish, sounds like a fun time with the IVC. They are putting a lot of effort into the missions and terrain. My luck I would travel all that way and the tables will be full.