Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chaos on the loose!

So we had another battle today, Sean brought 1500 of marines. Similar list to his last, he dropped some items to try out some new. I brought out the chaos, and was rather losing my morale when I had them lined up on the table edge. I guess I'm used to orks or guard, heck even marines I manage to have a lot of units. Here I was outnumbered and outgunned as I looked across the table. I thought at least this would give Sean a victory, I figured I would be lucky to get halfway across the board.
I had:
Daemon prince, nurgle/warptime
sorcerer of slannesh- lash and a unit of chaos marines with meltas
berserkers in a Landraider
Plague marines
3 obliterators

Sean had:
Captain and tac squad w/ rhino
dread w/ lascannon/missle
scout snipers

rhino/tac squad
landspeeder w/hvy bolters
dread w/ plasma cannon/missle
assault squad

We ended up with capture and control with spearhead, chaos got to go first. My plan was to attack with the landraider of berserkers, prince and chaos marines with sorcerer. I left the plague marines out of sight below the objective in ruins , the oblit's stood high up on the obj with a clear shot of the table.

Amazingly the Landraider and prince got into the fray around his objective, the sorcerer managed to lash his tac squad out of cover. The chaos marines took heavy casualties getting across, they were down to a meltagun, champion and the sorceror. (I definitely need them in a rhino.) I ended up with 2 troops on his objective, the landraider still unscathed nearby, they made easy work of anything in the area.

On the other objective the obliterators took a pounding from most of the units that came in from reserves. Really the ruins should have collapsed around them with all that fire, the plague marines remained out of sight below. The oblits took out the vindicator, 5 assault marines, a rhino, then withstood a charge of the three remaining assault marines. Well worth the points, I lost one out of the three.

We pretty much called it at the end of 5, wasn't looking good for marines to get the objective.

Some highlights: Sean's Vindicator got to fire before blown into a firey wreck!! the daemonprince charging into combat to try and kill the captain (who was doing a fine job of slaying berserkers), who valiantly remained for a round or two after. Predator with autocannons and bolters shoot a unit of 11 down to 3 over several turns, only to fail to wound the last 3 for the rest of the game. A chaos marine managed to get within range with a melta and blow up a whirlwind. The berserkers managed to hit with 33 attacks on the round they assaulted, 24 of which wounded. I ended up killing 4 marines, two from the sergeant's power fist. Sean made a total of 14 saves.

I still don't see how I pulled this one off, I think most of the problem was Sean's rolls. I think if he concentrated more firepower on the Landraider, things wouldn't have been so bad on his objective. Putting half his force in reserve helped him get closer, but it also split his force and rounds of being able to shoot. As for taking my objective, he would have been better of just trying to contest it.

Overall I was amazed at the performance of the army, oblit's are a must. As are plague marines, hopefully next time they get to do something besides guard duty. I may have to squeeze in a rhino for that third troop to move faster. I felt like I managed to control the pace of the game, even tho I lacked numbers.

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