Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lower gear

I haven't taken a full photo of the Guard since way back in 4Th edition, Since it was up to 3 storage shelves i thought I would get it all on the table for a group shot. Pictures aren't the greatest but the army is far from complete anyway.
I still have a ton left to do and finish up, this might be why switching armies is never a good thing.

Couldn't get a really good shot of the group but this worked out the best. The Baneblade is far from complete, I was hoping to get some actual led lights put in there for fun effects.

Most of the elite choices I haven't bothered with, can still see the ugly green 3rd edition era bases on the ogryns. Still need to get some more catachan rough riders done. Heck I think the ratlings are all thats complete.

2 full platoons, with 3 veteran teams, special weapons and heavy weapon teams. Couple more chimeras will do nice.

Here is some of the past commanders and commanders to be. Threw in the Inquisitors, baldy performed well in 4Th edition, slaying an eldar avatar was a nice career highlight. Not sure if my newest Inquisitor will get on the table before the new rules, but we'll see.

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