Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blood for the Blood God

I have weeks where I paint and weeks when I build. This was definitely the latter- sensory overload of forgeworld and a battleforce arrived which had me cutting and gluing my fingers most of the night. I have done some serious damage in the past, you would think I would start wearing thumb protection when I build.

I tried something new on these two deathguard, trying to keep the shoulder pads and just switch out the arms. So I can go for some plasma guns or just keep them normal. Seems to have worked but it takes a little more work to make it fit. I may try this on some of the terminators.

Went magnet happy as usual, trying to build a sorcerer. I was going to use the ravenguard figure, but I really don't think I want to tear up all the detail.

I may have found the right pieces after digging around through some bits. Will have a unit to go with him soon, I like the idea/theme for him and his unit, hopefully it turns out.

and I brought out the librarian I never finished painting so long ago. tore off the stormbolter and with the help of a plastic hand I pinned Lysanders shield on.

(side note- Yay GW for finally releasing a Nid FAQ!) also I may be up for a tournament soon.

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