Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slight chance of rain.

Well so much for some great battles, was an odd day of games. Nothing was worthy of any detailed reports. Had a newcomer bring some bugs, even though I warned him to go easy on the list and he may be playing new players. Oh well, sometimes people just don't click with others. He seemed rather rushed and anxious, I just assumed he hadn't played a game in a while. He got a little defensive at times, and I pretty much saw him pull a few fast ones on Kim. I doubt we will have him back.

First up was bugs vs Dark Angels(scorpions are stunt doubles until the DA are painted.) They rolled annihilation, with a spearhead deployment.

The marines set up a little close for my liking.

The bugs ran pretty much straight at the marines, crushing anything in the way. I noticed some assaults through cover that were failed to go at initiative 1, and there were some other issues.I was feeling bad at this point, he was obviously out to win and wasn't going to give a new player much of a chance.

Above was probably the highlight of the game, scouting genestealers moved in, while 5 lone terminators had teleported in to guard that very flank. They easily repelled the xenos scum with a few rounds of shooting and lead a charge to finish them off.


Next up was Darkhands vs orks, 5 objectives and another spearhead deployment. Sean tailored a list for my orks, and had some good target practice most of the game. Highlight of this game was 3 killa kans who managed to march down the length of the battle field. Losing 2, the last remaining one charged into a shooty dread and was finally stopped with tac marines with grenades. At one point both dreads were simply kicking at each other. As always, all my rokkits shot wild and failed to do much of anything when they did land.
The nobs took the far objective, everything else was clear and one contested.


I am definitely bored with orks, love to paint them and occasionally stomp them across the field, but I need to get back to using some tactics. They are just too blunt. Also we tried out 3/4 of the new table, definitely need to finish it and get some terrain pieces made that aren't city fight stuff.

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