Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Right Turn Clyde

So Sean loaded up a different marine list, and I brought out a mixed guard list for a fun but frustrating battle. We used an 8x4 table for capture and control, with dawn of war deployment.

Sean won first turn and picked his table side. The Marine objective was placed on the 4th floor near the center of the table. Scout snipers took positions around the dead marine objective. The commander, a tac squad, and rhino guarded the main floor.

I set up the Guard objective on my far left corner of the table, a unit surrounded the wounded guard objective with the HQ chimera sitting behind. On the far right I set up another guard squad in a building, its autocannon aimed right at the center building.

We ended up with a yin and yang effect, the marines came on in force on the left side with some in the middle. I brought my main force in the middle, with a small force on the left to hopefully hold the building.

The Marines entered to my left with a landraider full of termi's with a chaplain, a vindicator, and rhino full of marines. In the center two predators drove in to help defend the center.

I decided to split most of my force, just using two guardsmen units to back up the HQ and other unit for defense. In the center I deployed a vanquisher with Pask and leman russ, hoping to use the long ranges to my advantage. Along with them was a platoon commander in a chimera and some foot slogging troops.

My plan was to hopefully overpower the marines center position with sheer firepower, hoping to be able to walk in and take the objective with veterans in a vendetta without much work. The only hard part was my left side, was it strong enough to hold off a landraider full of terminators and the rest of his force?

The game ended up going 7 turns, much too long but it helped the guard slip in a late victory. I need to work on speeding up my troops and the timing, I cant always rely on a turn 6 or 7.

In the center it took much longer then I hoped to shoot most of the troops down. I killed the commander finally at round 6, with units able to finally run up to the objective by the turn 7. My tanks were less then stellar but they did lay down some damage. The vanquisher gun rolled 1's the entire battle(not even Pask can do much good with that.), thankfully the lascannon on the front made up for it.

On the left small arms fire pretty much dealt most of the tac marines and termi's. A late arrival of Marbo in turn 5 helped. His demo charge was a dud but his assault was rather vicious, not only did it slow the marines I think he cut their numbers down well.

I think Sean isn't sold on landraiders and termi's, they still died to the overwhelming flashlight shots. The vindicator failed to fire the game again, its ass was hanging out from cover and was hit by a Pask lascannon shot, losing its main gun.

Predators died without doing much good, they are definitly fragile units. They did have a hard time shooting through armor 14 tho. I think I will see more then one vindicator soon, and more heavy weapons for busting up Guard armor.


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  2. I'm interested to see how effective weapons that pin would do against the hordes with massive rate of fire. I'll have to check that out nexttime.

  3. Pinning isnt something to rely on, With so many fearless units out there -especially large ork units. Even with guard, their leadership isnt bad, and if they are in range of orders theres a small chance they will be able to still shoot. Yet this is a game of variables, even the highest leadership can fail eventually.