Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chaos and ale.

After the game yesterday It reinvigorated my need for chaos, "shooty" is fun but I need some serious assaults! Once again the Legion has moved to the front of the desk and the paint is flowing. I think using chaos will be a more level playing field for us, or it could be the exact opposite.

Pretty much finished up the landspeeder storm, I will probably sneak some more marines in soon. Still taking my time with the prince, working on him in between things. Primed a landraider, finishing up a gunner for it , and the skull champ is almost done. I dug through some more of my bits and trades and started assembly some more units, forgot I had more berserkers.

The Legion is starting to take shape, with one last order from forgeworld and the brokenforge, I will easily have enough. I wanted a fantasy world look to them, only seems natural to combine my love of vikings and marines into chaos since I am not a space wolves fan. That square base above is Sven, the general of my viking army for WH ancients. I can only hope may chaos legion does half as well as they did.


  1. if only, then he would know the anti-life equation and have limitless power over the universe!