Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Detours Galore

I didn't get as much painting done as I wanted to, although I did get a lot of other things done in the end. I discovered another container of magnets so I went to work switching out my old dread arms for the new. I have all but one last metal dread to finish, and now I have some rather large powerful magnets left over. I may use then on a display board or find another use for them eventually. You can see the outline of the old magnet on the dread arm below, big difference.

Don't ask me why I am on a space marine unit of all things, I have chaos and Gaurd to do. Yet I love the landspeeder storm, and want to get at least one of the two finished. I threw a magnet on the hood, and some weapons and should be ready to go by next week.

Still lugging away at chaos, the skull champ is base coated and ready for washes and some highlights. The guard Veterans with shotguns are almost done with the remodelling. Hopefully next weekend is more painting and less crafting.


  1. I actually thought about picking one of these up the other day. I didn't like them initially, but they've kind of grown on me. It's not the system stuff, but the look that I like. Alas, they require an overall strategy that is different than the one that I am currently building so I'll leave them be. But maybe in the future...

  2. They are definitly situational, with 2 of them or another unit in support I think they can be used to some extent. I hope using something besides a heavy bolter boosts them, but they are still so easy to shoot down.