Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Marine on Marine Action


So Sean headed over for another round of 40k using what I think was almost the same list as last week. I ended up going with the themed marine list of what I had left over. It was a scout heavy list, with some deep strikes thrown in for fun.
going off memory here:
1 captain in terminator armor with claws
5 thunder hammer/storm shield termi's
5 vanguard 1 power fist/ 4 power swords
2 dread's with multi meltas in a drop pod
2 5 man scouts in landspeeders
Telion and a unit if snipers and missle launcher
5 scouts with bolters w/ teleport homer

Sean's marines were almost the same as last week
1 chaplain in termi
7 termi's in a landraider
2 tac squads in rhinos
predator with autocannons

We had some interesting outcomes, and some rather futile rolling as usual. It was 3 objectives, so I knew it was going to be a tactical game.
My dreads failed to shoot but did ok with assaults, my vanguard vets were outstanding, Landing on target and charging into some tac marines.
I had a unit of 5 scouts manage to hold off 10 tac marines for 3 turns before finally losing. Telion managed to help a missile launcher destroy the vindicator gun, and his rending shots took out a whirlwind. My camo cloak scouts were exceptional, going to ground for that bonus cover save.

I managed to bring in the last landspeeder and take one objective, while the other 2 were both contested. we ended on turn 5, it may have been any ones game if we had rolled more turns.

Over all I like the scout army, Telion did ok but I will definitely try him again. Lack of troops to fire at really made him rather useless once I lost the missile launcher. I'm not sold on the terminators either, I will probably drop them for a different elite choice. I definitely need to roll better with my anti armor.
The hand to hand scouts did amazingly well against tac marines, the speeders were unimpressive with multi meltas but they got the scouts where they needed to be. I will definitely try this force again with some minor changes.
Thinking I will go up to the 4 drop pods, maybe try out some stern guard.

My chaos is close to hitting the table.... so close.

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