Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wind before the storm?

No it's just the Kool Aid Man.

The tables are clear and the war room is ready for tomorrow. Still not sure what all will go down but I will have made up three armies lists. Going to try some pics and I may dabble with the vassal stuff for some diagrams if I find the time. This all depends on the battles being worthy to talk about.

Still trying to go easy with the lists, I have the advantage of too many models to play with. The ork list will be rather blunt and shooty.

Warboss and his Nobz/painboy in a trukk
20 orks with nob and 2 big shootas
20 orks with nob and 2 rokkits
15 lootas
2 war buggies with rokkits
2 dreads with big shootas/skorchas
squad of killa kans with rokkits

The Guard lists I will probably figure out at work, and edit in later tonight. First list will be a catachan veteran force, trying quality over quantity. not sure on the second, probably just some cadian platoons with tanks. Guard is so easy to amass firepower, don't want to table anyone tomorrow.

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