Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drama and my ramblings

Not that my opinion ever matters, nor am I one to really share my lame thoughts but I was rather bothered to hear that 40k radio podcast called it quits today. Sure the show had slipped from its former glory, and had some questionable drama of late. I had my own issues with them which I wont get into, yet I still managed to turn on their show and give it a listen.
Yet some cowardly Internet troll had put a stain on the podcast community. Even if you thought 40k radio was the best, or DLT was the best, or any of the other podcasts- there's one less podcast about our fine hobby to download.
Lets hope the remaining podcasts keep a healthy rivalry and help our hobby grow.
Now for another cartoon!


  1. Isn't RR a pedophile? Just asking...

  2. No, he did yell at kids a lot, after all he inspired Crusty the Clown.