Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whered the time go?

I had issues with my spray primer today, so I threw the models in the simple green and I grabbed my knife and thought I would carve out a small corner of the table. Four hours later I had everything carved and glued into place. I am about out of foam and balsa wood so I had to go sparingly on things. I think it will all balance out well. One side of the table will have better troop cover, while the other will have clearer lanes for movement. I also decided not to glue in some hills and and leave it optional.

No that's not the chupacabra, that's Max my dog. I'm glad he doesn't like chewing pink foam because there's a ton of it laying around.

Already I am getting ideas for another table, even though I am about out of materials and cash for now. This tables actually cost me more then the first, although the first was definitely more work. Just wish I had used better water effects back then, and cut it different. I think the new one will fit together better and will have less seems showing.


  1. Looking good, man. Kim's enthusiasm for his Deathwing army has rekindled my own enthusiasm for my Fists again and I bought a couple more models. Like I need more models, right? I need to paint. No worries though. I finished that Warmachine model I was working on and having finished one has at least shown me that it's possible. The Fists are coming...

  2. I'm thinking about switching chapters. As much as I like the fluff for the Imperial Fists, yellow is a very difficult color to paint. I've tested methods on two different tac marines and I think it just comes down to the fact that I don't like how yellow paints on. It spreads unevenly and it's just too easy to see flaws in the coats beneath. I'm not sure what chapter I would go with. Any ideas?

  3. crimson fists? wont have to convert much. Do a successor chapter of the fists or another chapter if you want something fresh. Or find a color your good at and go from there?
    I dunno I have always liked the crimson fists, why I put red on my Red scorpion powerfists.