Wednesday, May 26, 2010

switched gears.

So chaos charged back into the middle of my painting table. The idea of playing Kim's new deathwing and Sean's new fist/hand marine army had me dig out the new force. I definitly dont want to get too far ahead or behind either.
I tried a bone look on the Daemonprince's head and I am not liking it, will probably go back to a red with dark horns. Started a skull champion for the berserkers, not crazy on the pose, but its the way I found him. Trying to shuffle a marine in between for breaks. Not pictured is a primered Fabius Bile, going to give him a go if we have some higher point battles.
My work week begins so wont get much done til the weekend, but I need to bug our dark angel player get his blog started already.


  1. Fabius is very under rated. When Rich used him against me I was flabbergasted at how effective he is in close combat

  2. I should give Rich credit, he's most of the reason I pulled him out to paint.