Monday, May 24, 2010

game on.

(Not a big fan of battle reports but I'll see how this goes. All pics are after the game, I really didnt want to distract the game with photos until we were done.)

So Kim finally got over for his intro to 5Th edition. He made a 1250 list of dark angels and I let loose the orks. He ran 4 tac squads, 2 termi's and a simple commander with a command squad. Orks had a beefy nob unit with a warboss, lootas, a large foot slogging unit and 2 trukk units of boyz.

We ran spearhead with 3 objectives, one on each side and one dead center of the board. Dark Angels ended up having to deploy first, picking a good corner for cover and leaving the orks very little. One unit of deathwing sat in reserve, hoping to deep strike into a better spot. 2 tac squads sat in high positions in the building, while the other 2 set up to move onto objectives along with the hq unit.

I was planning on going easy with the orks, I left the nobz way off on his left to basically sit on the objective and do little else. The lootas sat on the hill and showed off just how crappy a 2 ballistic skill can be. The large ork unit I walked right down the center, hoping to let him have some good target practice. The 2 trukks sat in reserve, hopefully to try and give some small resistance on his far right.

the above shot was taken from the DA right flank, you can see the yellow objective pieces- dead marine sat dead center of the ruins, in the center of the sewer bed was the middle piece, and the bridge had the final objective.

On the right-Both trukks ended up halted to a stop, much to the dark Angels disappointment of not blowing up with 6's- darn cheating orks and their own damage charts. the HQ unit held off the right side with just the commander, champion and an apothecary. Cutting down the first unit, they eventually sent the second unit of orks running.

The far left was rather dull, lootas and nobz sitting lazy.

On the center objective the large ork unit mowed through both deathwing units and slowly made their way into the objective. Drawing a lot of fire they were down to a nob and 3 rokkits. One tac squad held out but eventually fell to 4 rounds of loota fire, I have never seen power armor do so well til the final turn. The remaining tac squad was slow to get there and could have probably taken it if we went a 6Th turn.

I think Kim learned a lot from this game, his 2 tac squads sitting in the buildings were probably better off moving and shooting it up. With Power Armor, you don't need to worry as much about cover and I think he will be more aggressive next time around. He saw how destructive orks can be in assault, and how fragile smaller units of them can be (or lack of fearless). The more he plays, he'll get better use of his deathwing units at deepstriking. He definitly played well against what orks I brought to his side of the table and will be easily cutting my guard to pieces in no time.

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