Monday, May 10, 2010

shotgun effect

So a break from the blog but I have been busy, tried to stay on target but once again my shotgun blast hit more then one army to work on.
Yep, that looks like orks mixed in with some chaos I assembled. Finally got my second set of gas masks from Brokenforge, Phil was interested in seeing these painted up so I suppose I better get started.

Testing out the lights and camera settings once again, think I may go back to the natural light like I used on the vet's, the light was too close for these shots as well.

Almost finished with the urban veterans and command unit, went with a dark red bandanna to get some color in there. Working on a medic, and 2 demo charges to "throw" in from time to time.

With some days off, I plan to get some more done, and maybe get started on the second half of the table.

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